Law Office of Kumar Sriskanda - Barrister & Solicitor

Law Office of Kumar Sriskanda - Barrister & Solicitor

About Us

The Law Office of Kumar Sriskanda has been proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 17 years. In this time we have been reputed for handling a large quantity of cases in the fields of

Immigration & Refugee Law, Real Estate Law, Family Law, Condominium Law and Small Claims Matters.

Mr. Sriskanda intends to open and extend his law practice in Colombo and in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka before the end of 2012.

Small Claims Court and Civil litigation

Mr. Sriskanda deals with a large numer of Small Claims Court matters in Ontario. He had successfully represented many in Small Claim Courts. click here! to see one of those cases where he successfully defended a client who was sued by Bank of Montreal. The Court even ordered the BMO to pay costs to Mr. Sriskanda's client.

Real Estate Law

Since our office first opened we have handled thousands of residential real estate purchase and sale transactions in Ontario alone. We are experienced and well prepared to represent you in your next purchase or sale of residential properties anywhere in Ontario, Canada. For your free consultation and to arrange an appointment please Click Here.

Immigration & Refugee Law

If you are considering moving to Canada: Congratulations! Canada is a diverse nation that has many opportunities to those who wish to live, study and work here. The entire process can be a stressful one but it does not have to be. Count on a qualified and experienced lawyer to assist you in this process and ensure the entire transition for you is as quick, simple and peaceful as possible.